FELT designed 10 aluminium pieces of furniture for the lobby of Museum M in Louvain (BE). They won a design competition in 2016 and came up with a clear conceptual design proposal, adding three features to their entrance hall: A bookshop, an audio guide and information desk, and a children’s corner.

The pieces of furniture are mobile and can be positioned so that they form 3 cubes (2m20 x 2m20 x 2m20). The objects have a scale in between architecture and furniture. It are functional objects going in dialogue with the museum building and the visitors.

The pieces are constructed out of 8mm thin massive aluminium. This material allowed us to create a striking contrast between the inside and outside of the boxes: on the inside powder coated in bold primary colours, on the outside polished to gently reflect its surroundings.

For the children’s drawing table FELT produced a limited series of ten flat-pack red stools. They are made out of 3 pieces of polyethylene. Four arches supporting a circular seat create an intriguing geometrical object.